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通过采用磁共振成像(结构、弥散张量和功能磁共振成像)、PET-CT(葡萄糖代谢成像和神经受体成像)成像以及神经电信号(脑电、心电、皮电等)等成像方式,结合基因、精神、心理和行为学数据,综合运用神经科学、信号处理、计算机科学、数学、生物统计学、医学等相关领域的知识,开展中枢神经机制及与脑功能相关疾病的临床和影像处理方法学研究。主要针对针刺穴位特异性和针刺对功能性疾病调节的中枢机制,睡眠相关行为特质与认知控制的机制,青少年成瘾问题(青少年网瘾和吸烟),白质纤维束参数化及人脑连接组(临床应用以偏头痛和慢性痛为主),以手术减肥和功能性便秘导致精神障碍为主的脑肠交互作用机制和磁共振数据处理新方法等方面展开研究。目前,承担“973计划”子课题2项,国家自然科学基金面上项目6项,青年项目3项。在HBM, BSF, AB和Cortex等国外知名主流学术期刊上发表SCI论文50余篇。

The Neuroimaging Reasearch Group is mainly investigating the neural mechanisms of brain-related diseases and neuroimaging processing, and analyzing methods by applying magnetic resonance imaging (i.e., structural and functional magnetic resonance imaging & diffusion tensor imaging), PET-CT (i.e., glucose metabolism and neuroreceptor imaging) imaging and neural signal (EEG, ECG, skin, etc.) techniques in combination with genetic, psychological, psychiatric and behavioral measurements. Our current study involves a comprehensive application of neuroscience, signal processing, computer science, mathematics, and biostatistics-related fields of knowledge. The primary research interests are studying the specificity of acupoints and the neural mechanisms underlying acupuncture regulation, sleep related behavior traits and cognitive control mechanisms, addiction disorders in adolescents (Internet addiction disorder and smoking), white matter parametric mapping and brain connectome (i.e., migraine and chronic pain), the gut-brain interactive mechanisms underlying bariatric surgery and functional constipation causing mental disorders. We are currently financial supported by two sub-Projects for the National Key Basic Research and Development Program (973), and six seed and two early career investigator projects under the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC). We have published more than 100 peer-review journal papers in Human Brain Mapping, Brain Structure and Function, Addiction Biology and Cortex, etc.